API Reference

This is a comprehensive reference for the main modules, classes, and functions provided by ComptoxAI’s Python package. For a narrative introduction to important concepts and usage patterns for ComptoxAI, please refer to the User Guide.

comptox_ai.db: ComptoxAI databases

db.GraphDB([config_file, verbose])

A Neo4j graph database containing ComptoxAI graph data.

db.FeatureDB([config_file, verbose])

A database of feature data for entities in ComptoxAI, implemented as a document store in MongoDB.

comptox_ai.graph: Graphs


A graph representation of ComptoxAI data.


Common format for graph data structures in ComptoxAI.

comptox_ai.algorithm: Graph algorithms

comptox_ai.ml: Machine learning models

comptox_ai.ontology: Ontology tools